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Green Bliss Aloe Facial Scrub Review | Jas Naturals

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Today i will review another product from Green Bliss which i received from Jas Naturals . If you are wondering what is Jas Naturals i have briefed about it on my last blog. You can explore it here .

So , today i am going to another product from Green Bliss which is Aloe Facial Scrub .

About Green Bliss ( In Their Words )

What you feed your body shows up on your skin. But what do you feed your skin?!
Nowadays, there are tons of cosmetic brands which have come up for skin care but which one can you really trust??!
We, at Green Bliss, make sure that our products are 100% organic, are not tested on animals, and do not contain parabens. Since all our ingredients are sourced from nature and curated by hand, they are very skin and hair friendly.


Triticum Sativum ( Wheat Grass ) , Crocus Sativus ( Saffron Flower ) , Smilax Chinensis  ( Cobcini / Madhunuhi ) , Azadirachta Indica ( Neem ) , Ocimum Sanctum ( Basil / Tulsi ) , Aloe Barbadensis ( Aloe Vera )

I don't know why they have written the scientific name . But i have breakdown it for you .

Price - Rs 295 for 110 ml

Shelf life

It has a shelf life of two years from manufacture date .


You can find this on Jas Naturals website and Green Bliss facebook page .

Product Description

Aloe Vera earns a permanent place in many a household. Be it a sunburn, or to remove tan, or to treat acne, Aloe Vera is one product that always comes to the rescue. This gives the skin a wonderful glow and helps combat ageing of the skin. Our scrub comes packed with ingredients like Crocus Sativus, which is a source of pro-vitamin A, and Tulsi which is known to have antiseptic and healing properties. This improves facial skin, making it appear younger.



It comes in a transparent plastic jar with a white screw lid top . Cap is sturdy but needed improvement on jar part . It has a paper label on it. All the necessary details like ingredients , how to use , manufacturer date and other details written on it .

Colour , Consistency And Fragrance

It comes in green colour just like normal aloe vera gel we found in market . Consistency is like aloe vera gel as well with small beads in it . It has a mix fragrance of aloe an.  tulsi in it . Fragrance is really soothes the senses .

How To Use

Dampen face and neck . Take a small amount of facial scrub and gently lather into face using small circular movements. Rinse with clear water .

My Experience

I love Aloe Vera Gel so much . It is a important part of my skincare routine . But i haven't used Aloe vera scrub before so i was really excited about it .
I tried to use it as a scrub to exfoliate my skin but after taking product in hands you can feel the absence of scrubbing beads in it . When i use it on my face because lack of beads it didn't exfoliate the skin deep down . But it surely Cleanse skin well with mild exfoliating .

Aloe gives soothing feel to skin which is really important in summers . As it got Neem this also works anti bacterial for skin rashes . 

As a Cleanser it does pretty well . If you don't like scrubbing or just feel lazy 😜 like me it is amazing for you . It will do the both work for your skin. So , it is good in that aspect .


⚫ Handmade and Natural
⚫ Vegan product
⚫Cruelty free
⚫ Clean skin well without drying it out
⚫Works good as a cleanser
⚫Soothes the skin 


⚫Need more scrubber bead ( It is more sort of Cleanser )

Final Verdict - Aloe makes everything great . This one is no exception . If you want something for cleansing with mild exfoliating . You can give this a try .

Hope you like this review . Do share your views and suggestions with us.

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