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2017 Favorites Skin and Hair Care Products

My beautiful friends
Hope you all are doing well 😊 And just like that another year flew away. Last day of the current year (as I was writing) or in some countries there is already new year, so Happy New Year to all of you. Hope this year we all will be able to achieve what we want, through your hard work and dedication. There is ton of beauty products launches every single month, some works & some don’t, and some became holy grail for your skin. Let's rewind and have a look at some of my favorite ones in year 2017.

Face: Oily / Combination + Sensitive Body: Dry

Facewash / Cleanser: The Face Shop Herb Day 365 Cleansing Foam in lemon variant. I have been using this one for 4 months and I absolutely loved it. This is a K beauty brand and highly on trend as well.
Scrub: Fuschia Garden Lavender Face & Body Invigorating scrub. I have tried different scrub over the months, but nothing beat this.
Toner: Biotique Bio Cucumber Pore Tightening Toner. This one is pretty good, …

Things you must know before choosing Skincare Products | Safe Skincare

My beautiful friends

Hope you all are doing well. Today we are going to discuss and know more about the most important part of your daily routine to maintain the health of your face & body 'SkinCare 'and things to consider before buying them .

What is Skincare?

Skincare is the most important part of your beauty regime . It heals , repair and maintain your skin health and keep it flawlwss. Skincare is subjective to every individual according to their skin type and preferences. It can be either Organic, Vegan , Herbal or Ayurveda but one thing you just can't deny about Skincare is, it has to be Natural cause #naturalmatters.

Now the questions occurs why it has to be Natural or not with chemicals who can show results instantly?

Natural products are made from ingredients which you can find in natural surroundings you live. Nature has his own charm and beauty and it's provides us with so many ingredients which is extremely beneficial for our skin. Most natural ski…

First Bud Organics Tulsi Green Tea Review

Hello ,
My beautiful friends
Hope you all are doing well 😊
Healthy body is as important as healthy skin . As we know what we consume show on your skin . So , having a healthy and good eating habit is good for your body and skin.  Same goes with health drinks . Water is great to hydrated your body but you need to something extra as well to work as detoxifier for your body . Clean body = Clear face

About First Bud Organics ( In Their Words )
First Bud Organics symbolises the purity of Himalayas with unique blend of natural ingredients of fine quality, taste and ethnicity. Our products are grown naturally, free from harmful chemicals, rich in minerals. We work very closely with our partners and manufacturers to ensure that every product is genuinely natural and is of the highest quality. Grown organically in the Himalayan region rich in minerals and free from chemicals, pesticide, pollution, and dusty environment. These are in large cuts that provide exquisite taste and aroma.


Fuschia Green Lavender Day Cream With Spf 15 Review

Hello ,
My beautiful friends
Hope you all are doing well 😊
Today review is going to be another product from my favourite brand " Fuschia " . If you are following me on Instagram you must know I love their products.  They are completely natural and works amazing for skin .

So , today I am going to review something for dry skin beauties from their range . It is their Green Lavender Cream with Spf 15 . Wanna know more about it then keep reading 😊 

About Fuschia ( In Their Words )
Fuschia is the range of natural handmade beauty products by Vkare bio sciences. They provide product made by natural ingredients which are SLS , Paraben ,Crulety and Phathaletes free. They provide everything natural and they have a good range of products.They are free of artificial tints and Synthetic perfumes.

Lavender Oil , Jojoba Oil , Wheat Germ Oil , Olive Oil , Aloevera , Kokum Butter , Carol Seed oil , Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein

Price - Rs 525 for 50 gm / 1.76 oz

Shelf life - I…

Ecotique Crafted Naturally 5 Earth Face and Body Pack

Hello ,
My beautiful friends
Hope you all are doing well 😊
I know I am a little late in posting the review for this . But better late than never 😉 So , today I am going to review another product the brand named " Ecotique Crafted Naturally " . I have already reviewed their other products which I absolutely love . So , I am really excited about this 😊 
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5 Earth Face and Body Scrub

Face & Body pack is like food for your skin which keeps it healthy and looks better.  It also helps in the making the skin firm and glowing . It is a really important step in any skincare regime . So , choosing a right mask is really important 😊 
For those all who didn't knew about brand . Here is a little brief about brand .

About Ecotique  ( In Their Words )
Ecotique is a personal care brand that combines the ancient Indian tradition of Ayurveda with its holistic approach to daily life  and Aromatherapy with its mood enhancing benefits derived from the …

Green Route Natural Subscription Box | Summer Soak Box | Paraben and Sulfate Free | Unboxing and Review

Hello ,
My beautiful friends
Hope you all are doing well 😊 
Today post is something about we all love subscription boxes 😆😉 Don't we 🤗 Today i am going to talk about a new subscription service in India which provides all natural and Paraben and Sulphate free products in a box at your doorstep . I am talking about " Green Route " . As the name suggest they believe in green and natural products and choose what good for skin all in a specially curated box . I have received their May & June edition box . Their theme for this month is Summer Soak Box .

If you are someone who doesn't have tried subscription box or not aware of concept , scroll down to know about it 😊

What is Subscription box ?
Subscription box is a monthly curated service where you discover new brands and products . It helps you in trying the product before investing your money in it . So , subscription boxes are fun and intresting way to discover products and brands.

About Green Route ( In The…

Mondsub India Sheet Mask | Gold Facial Mask | 3D Face and Neck Mask | Review and Effictiveness

Hello ,
My beautiful friends

Hope you all are doing well 😊
Today post is about something which has been selling like hot cakes 😉  A trend which is all over the Internet and everyone raving about it too . So , I thought to give this a try and see if this actually works . So , today I am going to share my views and review on Mond'sub India masks.

I received two mask from them . One is there hot seller Gold Facial mask and other one is creating buzz as well 3D Hanging Ears Face and Neck mask .

Keep reading to know my views on it . But a little bit about brand before we head into review .

About Mond'sub India

Mond'sub India brings you a variety of sheet mask which are paraben free . They have different types of mask includes Gold mask , instant glow , collagen sheet mask , seaweed mask and bio cell renewal mask .They also have a very new type of mask which is 3D Hanging Ears Face and Neck mask . Be ready to get glowing , soft and firm skin with Mond'Sub India .


Alanna Naturally Beautiful Wild Rose Body Butter Review

Hello ,
My beautiful friends
Hope you all are doing well 😊  New day , new month and new post 😉😄 This month is really special and hoping it would be great ( touchwood ) as well . Today post is going to be special as well as today i am going to introduce a new brand to you guys . It's not new in market although i am going to review their products for the first time so yes that's why 🙈 😎 

As you would have understood by the title i am talking about brand " Alanna Naturally Beautiful " . Alanna is completely natural and handmade brand . Their products are free from chemicals as well . And their packaging is so beautiful ; it adds a luxurious vibes to product .
Before heading into My Experience ( Review ) with the product like always a little bit about brand.  What their motto and what they stand for 😊 

About Brand  Alanna Naturally Beautiful ( In Their Words )
Magic of Nature’s Beauty in a box Everyone deserves to enjoy a beauty ritual that is full of luxurious …