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DIY 3 Easy drinks to lose your belly fat

My beautiful friends
Who doesn't want to look slim?In today's world everybody wants to look slim and trim but there is a problem in there way... Time. Isn't. What if I told u not to be?

Today I am going to share with you guys two super easy and instant made hacks or health drinks which fulfill your wish of getting slimmer and get a perfect body.
1. Lemon honey water (In the morning in empty stomach) 
2. Mix spice tea (After heavy meal or in afternoon)  
3.  Cucumber juice (before going to bed)
➡Tip- Exercise is an essential part of your body routine. Don't skip that. Do atleast 15-20 min exercise or yoga daily and combine it with this health drinks will give you instant effect.
1 - For lemon honey water all you go need is - 
➡ 1 glass warm water
➡ 1/2 lemon juice
➡1 tbsp honey
That's it.
Take a glass of warm water.Add the juice of half a lemon into warm water.Add 1 tbsp of honey into It.Mix it well.Enjoy your lemon honey water.
➡Take this Lemon honey wate…


My beautiful friends
Clear skin,flawless complexion, easy skin care tips! We all want this don't we?There is just a simple way to get that all.

Don't look shock oats doesn't only keeps you healthy it's also gives your skin radiant glow.
I  am going to share with you a simple DIY oatmeal face mask that's give you a radiant glow.

All you gonna need is
3 tbsp oats
1tbsp honey
1tbsp water (boiled)
1tbsp yoghurt

1.Take 3 tbsp oats and crush it with ur hand.(If u find it hard take it to a spin in grinder and make a powder.) 
2.Add boiled water in it, mix it well and let it cool down.
3.Now add 1 tbsp honey and 1tbsp yoghurt in it and mix it well.
4.Make a smooth paste.Don't make it too thick or watery.
(Add desire water if needed)

P.S - If u want you can add few drops of rose water in it)

5.Now take some paste on your fingertips on apply on your face and neck in a circular motion.
6.Leave it for 10 minutes. Wash your face with luke warm water and …


My beautiful friends
Today I am going to talk about something that we tend to ignore.
Removing your makeup.

It is really necessary guys to remove it before going to sleep because your skin need breathing as well as beautifing it.
So,  I am soon going to share a simple
with you guys.

Buying makeup remover or makeup remover pads can get very expensive. Thankfully there's a DIY
alternative to makeup removers. It is so easy and cheap you will be surprised. All you need is-

➡Baby shampoo
➡Frankincense essential oil (Use can use coconut oil as well if u don't have essential oil)
➡a jar of water
➡cotton pads

Hola that's all you need for it

First take a cup and pour water in it.Take 1tbsp Babyoil, 1tbsp Baby shampoo and few drops of frankincense essential oil and mix it well.Take the jar you want to restore your makeup remover pads in it.Put cotton pads in it.Pour the mix in it.Leave it for 3-5 minutes then extract all the extra mix in the c…


My beautiful friends
Today I m going to share a scrub with u guys that I love most. And it needed products u can find easily in ur house.
So basically u gonna need

Ingredients -
OLIVE OIL - 1/2 tsp
SUGAR - 2 tsp

Sugar is the most important part of this scrub.Sugar is a very good scrubbing ingredient it doesn't only scrub ur face it's help in exfoliating ur skin as well.

Take 1tsp of milk powder, 2 tsp of sugar, 2 tsp of cucumber juice and 1/2tsp of olive oil . MIX it well and make a paste.Make sure sugar doesn't dissolved fully.U need sugar granual to scrub.

Apply it all over ur face and neck and scrub it generally in circular motion for 2mins. Leave it for 5 min. After that wet ur hand with water and start scrubbing ur face and neck. Wash ur face with water and pat it dry.

Now feel ur soft and smooth skin.

Hope u guys like it.Till then
Love u all

Tip- Always moisture ur face after cleaning, scrubbing or masking.


My beautiful friends
Today I am going to review the essential product of every girls skincare kit plus it's super affordable and best product in this category


This is the best aloevera gel I have came by far.I can't tell u how good it is.It nourish, hydrates, moistures ur skin like never before.I have been using it like crazy.You can use it on daily basis. It is a good toner for ur skin as well.Your skin feel fresh.It also work to get your glow back if u lost it by using chemical products. It is totally natural.

Ingredients :- Aloevera gel, Vitamin e, and natural colours

The best part they use 90% of pure aloevera gel that's really good. Vitamin E also helps in nourishing skin well.

So they say it's totally natural and helps in nourishing,  beautifing, glowing, rejuvenating and keeps skin healthy.
And they totally nailed that. It does it all and do wonder for ur skin.

P.S: - I love it totally and using it for almost one year.I hav…

Vaadi herbals strawberry and lychee lipbalm

My beautiful friends

I have started this blog for the passion I have for fashion and beauty products and for those who want best products at affordable prices.

Let's start then

Today I am going to review a lipbalm that is super affordable and do what's it made for. They are from a brand named "Vaadi Herbals ". They have total of five variants available in lip balm in which i am going to review two of them.

👉 Vaadi Herbals Strawberry Lipbalm
👉 Vaadi Herbals Lychee Lipbalm

Shelf life - It has a shelf life of three years from manufacturer date .


They are easily available on Nykaa , Amazon and Snapdeal

Price - Rs 40 for 10 gms each /-


It comes in a cute see through small plastic container. The container lock well, small in size so very good for travel also.


Ingredients - Strawberry extract, vitamin -e, honey & almond oil

My Experience

Vaadi herbals strawberry lipbalm is very good es…