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Debelle Nail Polish with Seaweed extracts | Shade French Affair | Review and Swatch

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Toady post is about something we all love " Nail polish " by Debelle Cosmetics. Debelle is a well known brand in cosmetic industry. They have a range of cosmetic products and in which Nail polishes are there hot seller. I was really excited to try their range as it has seaweed in it which promotes Nail growth as well.

Today i will review and swatches of their Debelle Gel Nail Lauqcer with Natural Seaweed Extracts .

Debelle means " The Beautiful " in English and their tagline is inspired by this . " Bring Out The Beautiful You "

About Debelle Cosmetics

DeBelle, a product of AGS Inc, aspires to Bring Out The Beautiful You, naturally. In the current era of increased consciousness about looks, it is often important to understand the products used on the skin and hair. We understand this concern and aim to provide products that are safe, efficient and caters to the needs.

Price - Rs 295 for 

Shade - French Affair

Colour - Scarlet Red


You can find them on Amazon ( Direct Link )
Explore more about them on their website  .

Product Description

French affair (Red) shade of DeBelle Gel Nail Polish Lacquer is a bright scarlet red nail polish color. It gives a rich salon shine finish with good staying power and gives a very rich and elegant nails.



It comes in a beautiful transparent glass bottle with silver metallic screw cap on it . All the details like product name like, shade and other details printed on it .


Consistency is a little bit watery not much but it depends on every colour as well . Different shade has different formulation so it consistency depends according to that .

 Application is really smooth . I didn't feel any discomfort with it's consistency or applicator tip .


                     One coat 

Personally i didn't wear this type of vibrant shade . I am more of a nude shade or settle shade you can say . When i received this i had a little bit doubt if i can carry this out . But it's glossy finish wins my heart .

                         Second coat 

You can see there is not much difference between both of them . Just added more glossiness in it . 

All in all i love this colour . Beautiful vibrant red with organish under tone. Love the pigmentation of it . Dark shades gives great pigmentation in one swipe and light shade needs two swipes. Beautiful vibrant shade which will just perfect for upcoming wedding season . I know we all red colour , and this is the perfect red shade you ever wanted ๐Ÿ˜


⚫Beautiful vibrant shade
⚫Nice glossy finish
⚫Enriched with Seaweed extract
⚫Availability is really good
⚫One coat is sufficient ( two if you like more glossy )
⚫Fast drying than usual nail enamel


⚫A little bit over pricey 

Final Verdict - Weddings is around the corner and this Scarlet Red is just perfect for it . Glossy finish with Natural Seaweed extracts . Definitely worth a try .

That's all for today. Hope you like this article. Do comment your thoughts and queries with us

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