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Greenberry Organics Cocoa butter lotion with Japanese Mandarin Orange extracts Review

My beautiful friends

Hope you all are doing well. Today post is something special cause i wanted to try this brand products from a very long time ago.Heard really good things about this brand so i always wanted to try this.Finally i get to try this and i am so happy i get to try it. Now no more suspense about this. I am talking about "Greenberry Organics ".

This brand is completely natural ,vegan and they made their products in small batches so you get fresh products every single time. 

I have received their Cocoa butter body lotion with Japanese Mandarin Orange extracts.

About Greenberry Organics ( In their words)

The Man Soap Co. is an initiative by an XLRI graduate and a certified cosmetologist in bringing the best from around the globe to the Indian consumers. Greenberry Organics - The Man Soap Co. creates a unique combination of ancient Ayurveda-inspired remedies with modern scientific techniques to create products which are free from harmful fillers (Chemicals) available at dirt cheap prices in the market.

 We constantly strive to excel with each LOT of our products which are tested on human volunteers and never on Animals. Each of our LOTS is deliberately made in smaller batch sizes to ensure that the customers get the freshest the fastest. Enjoy the nature's best remedies only made better with science.

At Greenberry organics we are striving hard to make a difference among standard and conventional production methods filled with irregularities, animal abuse and unfair remuneration.

Some more facts about GBO

1. Against animal testing

2. Small batch production to ensure freshness of ingredients and products

3. Handpicked ingredients to ensure you get the best and freshest

4. What you use on your skin gets absorbed (40% of the ingredients gets absorbed by your skin, so you need to apply only what you usually eat)

5.Creating skilled labor (Helping the under privileged section of the society to get trained in the process and make a living out of it)

6.All natural ingredient policy (Strict quality control ensures only natural and natural processed ingredients are used, which can potentially cause no harm to human skin)

7.Earth friendly packaging 


Cocoa Butter, Olive Oil, E Wax, Stearic Acid, Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Aqua, Citrus Reticulata, Phenoxyethanol, Xanthan Gum

Price - Rs 499 for 200 ml

But they are currently on sale on Amazon for just Rs 365. Grab it now cause they stock out pretty soon.

Shell life - 24 months from the manufacturer date.

Once opened - 6 months after opening the packaging.

Ingredients Benefits

Cocoa Butter - Hydrates every layer of skin thus totally evading any chance of dryness.

Japanese Orange - Combats bacteria and gives that fresh feeling all day long.


They are available on Amazon and purplle

What They Claim 

Go for the rich feeling skin that smells equally good.

1. The days of humidity are bidding adieu leading to a lot of fuss over how to hydrate our skin to the best. Thankfully, we have Cocoa butter to the rescue.

2. Say goodbye to dark patches and dull skin as cocoa butter is an excellent antioxidant as well.

3. Who can deny the soothing effects of the eternal smell of Rose, the emperor amongst flowers

4. Keep the fragrance all day long with the combined effect of both rose and jasmine and make you bath a sweet smelling activity.

5. Banish all the dullness with Orange and keep your skin smooth and clean on the surface and healthy on the inside Cocoa Butter - Hydrates every layer of skin thus totally evading any chance of dryness.


It comes in a beautiful transparent packaging with black flip top cap. It has a small nozzle which is convenient to take product. Packaging is safe and sound and travel friendly as well. Packaging is environment safe as well. This small thing makes you feel company is caring for every single detail about their products. 

Colour, Fragrance and Texture

It comes in a white colour. It has a rich, creamy texture which is not thick or too runny. It has a pleasent jasmine fragrance which i already loving. Although i have sensitive nose but still i love this fragrance, gives a fresh feel.

My Experience

As i opened the flip top cap the jasmine fragrance has got my attention and i fell in love with it. It has a pleasent fragrance of Jasmine which gives fresh feeling and linger around 1 hour as well.

I used this lotion just after bath. The texture is so smooth and easily glides into skin. Light weight and absorb quickly. For a lazy person like me 😜it is really good. Now i don't have to skip my lotion. After using it my skin feels soft and supple. It hydrates and moisture my skin . It doesn't feel greasy or sticky on skin.  My skin feels natural soft and fresh.

I used this lotion twice. First time just after bath and in the night as well. I used this morning and it stays all day long making my skin soft. My body skin is extreme dry like sahara desert 😐 I have to used it twice to keep it hydrated and moisturising.


➡ Handmade
➡ Made in small batches so you get fresh products everytime
➡ Pleasent fragrance
➡ Enriched with Japanese Mandarin Orange
➡ Non greasy and non sticky
➡ Light weight and absorb quickly
➡ Cruelty free
➡ Natural and Vegan
➡ Sls,  paraben and free of harmful chemicals
➡ Travel friendly packaging
➡ Environment safe packaging
➡ Made in India


➡ Price is a bit luxorious for some

Final Verdict - I am in love with this lotion and it's fragrance is just amazing. My skin feels soft, hydrated and moisturising .Totally give it a try and enjoy a luxurious experience.


Hola, That's all for today. Hope you like this review and found helpful.

Do comment your thoughts and queries about it.

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  1. Replies
    1. Yes amazing product 😍 Thanks for reading

  2. Love this so much i can smell it from here nicely reviewed

  3. This is the most raved product I've ever known

  4. I just love the fragrance of orange in body lotions it is refreshing!! Lovely review !!

  5. I just love the fragrance of orange in body lotions it is refreshing!! Lovely review !!

  6. Sounds lovely and I bet it smells amazing :)

  7. When Cocoa butter be an ingredient in a body lotion that must be a good product. Have heard much about it. Wanna try once. Nice review.

    1. Thank you shree ji :-) Yes..cocoa butter makes every thing better

  8. This looks downright perfect! I bet it smells delicious too. Sometimes the extra price is worth it for a product like this one.

    1. I completely agree :-) Good product always can be a little expensive but totally worth it.

  9. This looks great & I'm sure smells even better!

  10. I love any product with cocoa butter in it much be very rich and moisturising, might have to give it a go.

    1. Do try it you will love it 😍 Thanks for reading

  11. Love the ingredients. Would love to smell this!

    xo, Patty

    1. It has a pleasent fragrance of jasmine :-)

  12. cocoa butter is always so amazing for the skin, it sounds like the scent is heavenly

    1. is πŸ˜€ Loved it completely.

  13. Love to found the product that is paraben free. I feel much better to put it into my body.

    1. Ohh yes.. Love products without chemicals in it.

  14. Nice lotion and i bet it also has amazing fragrance too.

    1. has amazing fragrance. Thanks for stopping by :-)

  15. My skin is super dry. I think this is the right product for me!

    1. Give this a try then πŸ˜€ I have super dry skin as well.

  16. Looks gorgeous - I can practically smell it too!

  17. Wana smell it now :)
    Nice review.

  18. I love jasmine and cocoa butter. Nice find! :)

  19. I love this lotion and Loved your review :)

  20. I personally use Shea butter but always love rich butters on my skin. Willing to try this out!

    1. Thank you katrina :-) Do share your experience after trying.

  21. here in Nigeria we have a lotion named cocoa butter aswell but parcelled defferently, don't really know if they are different.

    1. Yes..they are different. This one is Made in India. Thanks for stopping by

  22. Great review! I also like shea butter because of its lovely scent :)

  23. Love how I am getting introduced to new products by you. This looks amazing and I loveeeeeeee coconut butter so much!!!

    Style & Life by Susana -

    1. Thank you so much Susana :-) Pleasure is all mine.

  24. beautiful products and all natural amazing!!!

  25. Boyyy do I love myself a great lotion! Great review! I also very much enjoy hand sanitizers. I keep one in my hand bag as well as a lotion!

  26. I never tried it, it looks so good, I was looking for a good lotion, maybe I will try this one. Thanks for sharing

  27. I love the way you present the pros and cons! Looks like a great product. I love cocoa butter lotions!!

  28. Love that it's all natural and against animal testing. I'll have to try it!

  29. I wonder how the smell of Japan and oranges.

  30. Looks like an amazing product. I particularly love the smell of cocoa butter. I will definitely give it a try

  31. This one sounds a nice product and a must try. I love cocoa butter and have used some other products. But this one comes coupled with the goodness of Japanese oranges. I am giving this a try.

  32. Amazing review :D It looks so good :D

  33. great product, nice review, thanks for sharing

  34. I love that you get fresh products every time! That's the benefit of buying more local and small-business stuff!


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