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My beautiful friends
As this is the last day of this year and i am still working. Yeah.. And I hope i have to do much more for you all in the upcoming year as well.
This year has been special to me personally and professionallly as well. I started my blog this year and been able to connect with so many amazing people. And this month has been special to me cause of this blog and you all. I wrote more this month and you all loved them so much. And your every like, comment, suggestion, appreciation, criticism is a motivation and booster for me to do more and more content for all you. So, a big big thank you to all of you.

And i hope our bond, Love and relationship goes stronger in new year. A very happy new year to all of you. Lots of hugs and kisses to you all.

Although it has been only almost 4 months in blogging but your love and appreciation has been so great i can describe that in words. We never get so much to appreciate our followers who became our family in our journey.…

Blue heaven cocoa butter lip bomb Review

My beautiful friends
Today I am going to review Blue heaven cocoa butter lip bomb.
I was searching for some products online and see this lip bomb on the feed. It was looking just like the Eos lipbalm in the packaging . So i picked that and although they have this in pink as well but i have to try the cocoa one so bought this.
It packaging is same like that famous Eos lipbalm. This was probably the reason I bought it. It comes in a oval shape tube like container but it has a base that helps in stand on his place. It has BH ingraved on the oval tube top. Lipbalm is also in a round shape which is quite convenient in applying. It can covers your both lips at the same time. Some of you like that or some might not. I personally like to put it on a lips at a time.

Shell life -
It has a shell life of 3 years which is quite good for lipbalm.
Price - Rs 85 for 8g
Availability - You can easily find it on their website or Nykaa and amazon as well.

Nivea Creme Review

My beautiful friends
Today I am going to review another Nivea product. It's their well known product Nivea Creme.But what i am going to share with you guys is it good for everyone.Every skin type, how to use it and where you can find it?  Everything about that.
So, let's get started with that. First i would like to tell you i was never fond of Nivea body and skin products but after trying their body cream and body milk lotion. I thought to give this a try as well

So,let's get straight to the review.
Packaging -
It comes in a blue sturdy plastic tub like container with printed their product name Nivea Creme on the top and side as well.

All the information about price,  shelf life, ingredients and other information has been put in the base of tub as well.So, you can check that while buying.
It comes in many different sizes.That's a really plus point for that. You can decide according to your need.
Price - Rs 120 for 100 ml
Shelf life -
It has 30 months of s…

Fuschia Blush Facemask with Rose and Calamine Review

My beautiful friends
We all love and use some kind of facemask for our skin.I also love to make DIY facemask for my skin cause this will be more natural and good for skin.I always search for organic brands for days which I feel super lazy to make a DIY facemask for my skin. So, it will as natural and good for my skin as DIY.
I came across this brand name Fuschia by Vkare. This is a organic and natural brands. This make products which are SLS,  Cruelty , paraben and phthalates free. It includes all natural ingredients.

Rosewater, Kaolin light  China Clay, Calamine Powder, Glycerin, Aloe Vera, Bentonite Powder, Vitamin E
It comes in a cute plastic transparent jar with silver cap. It got a sample pack of it in a small cute travel friendly white plastic tub.

Availability -

You can find it online on their website or they have recently launched on myntra as well.

Price -  Rs 450 for 100 ml

What I  think
The consistency of the mas…

Fuschia Cherry Care Hand and Nail Cream Review

My beautiful friends

Hand cream is an essential part of our routine in winter. I was actually not using or i say believing in using different lotion or cream just for my hands until I get this one. I realized what my hand was missing and what they needed.
Today I am going to review a Hand and Nail Cream Review by a brand named "Fuschia" Vkare. This is a totally organic brand with some amazing skincare products.

I am in love with organic and natural products. That's why I Use DIY for my skin much. I am always searching for organic and natural brands. So,I came across this one and i am glad i use this.
So, let's get straight to the review of it.
Packaging - 
It comes in a small beautiful plastic jar with metal cap. It's look really cute and i am loving the packaging.The jar is small so it make it handy for travel purpose as well.
Aqua, Glycerin, Aloevera,Coconut oil,Bee's wax,Almond oil,Cherry ext, Mint ext, Vitamin e , allantoin

Nivea nourishing lotion body milk with almond oil

My beautiful friends
How are you guys doing? I hope pretty well.So, today I am going to do a review of bodylotion.I know many of you have read the review of it but still thought to post it cause if anyone want to buy it. It will be helpful for them. The more the better.

So,today i am going to review another Nivea product. Nivea Body Milk Moisturing lotion with Almond oil.I was actually buying some product from Nivea for a haul for winter but thought to post seprate reviews of them as well.So this is one of them.
Packaging and sizes -

It comes in a blue sturdy bottle packaging. I bought the 400ml pack of it which comes with a pump dispenser which is quite convenient to use.It's not travel friendly because of it's big size.But it comes in three different sizes as well.That's a plus point as well and you can choose according to your need. It other sizes doesn't come with pump dispenser.
Ingredients -

Price -  Rs 315 for 400 ml, Rs 200 for 200 ml, Rs 99 for 75ml Y… - A place for buyer,bloggers,influencer and brands

My beautiful friends
If you are from my instafam then you know i tag pikreview in my posts.Basically it's an allrounderplatform for everyone and it's genuine as well. Cause here buyers post directly their views and reviews. 

         Doodle by - crafts_swra.1201

We all love to buy products and share our thoughts and reviews with everyone. Don't we? Even if we are not blogging we want to tell our views and thoughts about products and share it with others. This is the perfect solution for guys to share your thoughts with everyone.

People share their honest experience and pictures of it themselves. So,it is completely unbiased by brand or other things.
And people who want to try new products and but doesn't know what to buy and where to buy. This is good for you guys as well.Here you get different product reviews and where you can buy them as well.
How it works for bloggers -

Now, what for bloggers then, Right. Well it's the good place to post your review, DI…

Wintercare tips - Things to do in winter for your skin, body and hair

My beautiful friends
Winter has come and so does the problem for our skin, hair and  body cause cold hair makes your skin dry and your hair frizzy.
In winter our skin needs a extra bit of love and care. A little more nourishing and healing. 
Slight bit of change in your skin care routine and you you are ready to enjoy the winter season without any problems.

1. CTM
As we all know CTM is very important in our daily routine of skincare. It cleanse, nourished and gives your skin a perfect and healthy glow.
Cleansing --
Don't use hard cleanser to clean your face in winter. Use a mild cleanser or cleansing milk  according to your skin type to cleanse your skin. It will helps your skin to keep the moisture locked.
Tonning --
As we all know Tonning is really necessary for skin. But we tend to ignore it some time or another. Don't we? Guys don't skip Tonning cause it is really necessary to for your skin and it helps in close the open pores of our skin. So, if you…

Nivea Moisturing Body Cream Cocoa Nourish Review

Hello,  My beautiful friends
Today I am going to review a Body Cream from the very well known and loved for winter care. The one and only and our very own NIVEA.
Haha.. I know it's got a bit too dramitic for intro but it is somehow right as well.What you guys think? Don't we try alteast one products from Nivea in every winter weather.
So,how i bought these. Actually i was searching for body butter for winters and seen this body cream from Nivea in some recommendations. So, thought to buy it and just give it a try.
So, don't wasting your time guys straight to the review of the product.

What it claims - The extra rich formula provides intensive moisture to make your skin feel soft and smooth. Enriched with natural cocoa butter and Vitamin E, the rich creamy formula provides long lasting nourishment. Hydra IQ fosters new Aquaporins* - skin's own hydration channels,which are responsible for moisture flow between skin cells. And the product is Dermatologically tested a…


My beautiful friends
Winter has come, so does the dry and chapped lips. Only putting lipbalms and moistures is not good enough. You need to exfoliate your lips to remove the dead cell from your lips.

Today I am going to share with you guys 4 amazing DIY hacks or ways to exfoliate your lips and get soft, pink and smooth lips.
1. Lemon and honey remedy
Take half a lemon and squeeze it in a bowl.Mix a tbsp honey in it. Massage it on your lips for few minutes and wipe it off with the help of cotton pad or tissue.
2. Almond oil and sugar remedy
Take 1 tsp almond oil and 1 tsp  Sugar and mix it well. Now massage it gently on your lips for 5 minutes. Wipe it off with the help of cotton pad or tissue.
3. Cucumber juice remedy
This one is super easy and my favorite for daily . Take a slice of cucumber and rub it on your lips for 5 minutes. Do it regularly to get those pink and soft lips.
4. Milk and Turmeric remedy
Take 1 tsp milk and 1 tsp turmeric. Mix it together and make a pa…


My beautiful friends
Face cleansing is a important and first step in our skincare routine. It determines cleaniness in our skin.Choosing facewash according to your skin type is really important.

Today I am going to review a oil control facewash from Biotique. 

I have oily skin and I am always looking for products that's suits my skin.I was going through products online  and saw this Biotique oil control foaming facewash. Oil control is something that's attracts me for trying this. And this is made of natural products as well. So I have to try it.
Haldi Rhizome, Need bark, Lavang oil, Pineapple Pulp, Ritha Fruit, Purified Water

Rs 65 for 50 ml.

How to use it - 
Gently massage over wet face and neck with fingertips, lather, rinse and pat your skin dry.

What I think 
I am using it and I think this facewash is really good for oilyskin. It lathers well and clean your skin well.It's in colou…


My beautiful friends

Maybelline is a brand that hardly disappoint you with their products. More or less people  their products are really good and suits everyone.So this one is not far from that.So let's find out it's a hit or miss by maybelline and what I think about it. So Maybelline White Super fresh powder compact is super affordable and easy on the pocket. I have been using it for a week so let's find my take on maybelline powder compact.
PRICE So first of all the price of it. It cost Rs. 150 for 8 gm.That's quite affordable. And also you can find it online in discount as well. I bought it from mynykaa for just Rs 120. You can buy it from Snapdeal,Amazon and as well.

SHADES Maybelline White Super fresh compact powder comes in three shades - Pearl, Shell and Coral.
Pearl shade is really pinkish and I would suggest this shade only to whom who has a pale or lighter skin tone.…

DIY 3 Easy drinks to lose your belly fat

My beautiful friends
Who doesn't want to look slim?In today's world everybody wants to look slim and trim but there is a problem in there way... Time. Isn't. What if I told u not to be?

Today I am going to share with you guys two super easy and instant made hacks or health drinks which fulfill your wish of getting slimmer and get a perfect body.
1. Lemon honey water (In the morning in empty stomach) 
2. Mix spice tea (After heavy meal or in afternoon)  
3.  Cucumber juice (before going to bed)
➡Tip- Exercise is an essential part of your body routine. Don't skip that. Do atleast 15-20 min exercise or yoga daily and combine it with this health drinks will give you instant effect.
1 - For lemon honey water all you go need is - 
➡ 1 glass warm water
➡ 1/2 lemon juice
➡1 tbsp honey
That's it.
Take a glass of warm water.Add the juice of half a lemon into warm water.Add 1 tbsp of honey into It.Mix it well.Enjoy your lemon honey water.
➡Take this Lemon honey wate…


My beautiful friends
Clear skin,flawless complexion, easy skin care tips! We all want this don't we?There is just a simple way to get that all.

Don't look shock oats doesn't only keeps you healthy it's also gives your skin radiant glow.
I  am going to share with you a simple DIY oatmeal face mask that's give you a radiant glow.

All you gonna need is
3 tbsp oats
1tbsp honey
1tbsp water (boiled)
1tbsp yoghurt

1.Take 3 tbsp oats and crush it with ur hand.(If u find it hard take it to a spin in grinder and make a powder.) 
2.Add boiled water in it, mix it well and let it cool down.
3.Now add 1 tbsp honey and 1tbsp yoghurt in it and mix it well.
4.Make a smooth paste.Don't make it too thick or watery.
(Add desire water if needed)

P.S - If u want you can add few drops of rose water in it)

5.Now take some paste on your fingertips on apply on your face and neck in a circular motion.
6.Leave it for 10 minutes. Wash your face with luke warm water and …


My beautiful friends
Today I am going to talk about something that we tend to ignore.
Removing your makeup.

It is really necessary guys to remove it before going to sleep because your skin need breathing as well as beautifing it.
So,  I am soon going to share a simple
with you guys.

Buying makeup remover or makeup remover pads can get very expensive. Thankfully there's a DIY
alternative to makeup removers. It is so easy and cheap you will be surprised. All you need is-

➡Baby shampoo
➡Frankincense essential oil (Use can use coconut oil as well if u don't have essential oil)
➡a jar of water
➡cotton pads

Hola that's all you need for it

First take a cup and pour water in it.Take 1tbsp Babyoil, 1tbsp Baby shampoo and few drops of frankincense essential oil and mix it well.Take the jar you want to restore your makeup remover pads in it.Put cotton pads in it.Pour the mix in it.Leave it for 3-5 minutes then extract all the extra mix in the c…


My beautiful friends
Today I m going to share a scrub with u guys that I love most. And it needed products u can find easily in ur house.
So basically u gonna need

Ingredients -
OLIVE OIL - 1/2 tsp
SUGAR - 2 tsp

Sugar is the most important part of this scrub.Sugar is a very good scrubbing ingredient it doesn't only scrub ur face it's help in exfoliating ur skin as well.

Take 1tsp of milk powder, 2 tsp of sugar, 2 tsp of cucumber juice and 1/2tsp of olive oil . MIX it well and make a paste.Make sure sugar doesn't dissolved fully.U need sugar granual to scrub.

Apply it all over ur face and neck and scrub it generally in circular motion for 2mins. Leave it for 5 min. After that wet ur hand with water and start scrubbing ur face and neck. Wash ur face with water and pat it dry.

Now feel ur soft and smooth skin.

Hope u guys like it.Till then
Love u all

Tip- Always moisture ur face after cleaning, scrubbing or masking.


My beautiful friends
Today I am going to review the essential product of every girls skincare kit plus it's super affordable and best product in this category


This is the best aloevera gel I have came by far.I can't tell u how good it is.It nourish, hydrates, moistures ur skin like never before.I have been using it like crazy.You can use it on daily basis. It is a good toner for ur skin as well.Your skin feel fresh.It also work to get your glow back if u lost it by using chemical products. It is totally natural.

Ingredients :- Aloevera gel, Vitamin e, and natural colours

The best part they use 90% of pure aloevera gel that's really good. Vitamin E also helps in nourishing skin well.

So they say it's totally natural and helps in nourishing,  beautifing, glowing, rejuvenating and keeps skin healthy.
And they totally nailed that. It does it all and do wonder for ur skin.

P.S: - I love it totally and using it for almost one year.I hav…