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Aaranyaa Moringa oil body lotion Review

My beautiful friends

Hope you guys had a fabulous Valentine's day. So, today post is about loving and caring yourself and your loved ones. I am going to introduce to you a new skincare brand "Aaranyaa " which make all products with natural ingredients and new technology. That's interesting. Isn't it?

Aaranyaa's products are completely natural and water based. By water based we mean they contain approximately 70% - 90% water. They get easily absorbed by your skin, thereby making them non-sticky. Being natural, they have been prepared from Amino Fruit Extracts (AFA) that are largely found in Indian fruits. 

Amino Fruit Extracts(AFA) helps skin cells grow, making your skin healthy and glowing.

About Aaranyaa

Vedic Natural Care Private Ltd. (VNC) through its brand, aaranyaa, follows the philosophy and principles of Ayurveda (‘Ayu ‘ means life and ‘ Veda ‘ means knowledge ) in skincare and haircare, using the science of healing and healing powers of herbs and actives.

The home of quality products which are designed to take care of the fundamental processes of human skin, that is, regeneration, exfoliation & rejuvenation.

Some facts about Aaranyaa

→ Fusion of Ayurveda with modern skin-care technology

→ Paraben and Sulfate-Free products

→ Lightweight and quick to absorb

→ Conforming to Global Standards

→ Cruelty-free products

→ Shelf life sans harmful preservatives

Benefits of Moringa Oil

Moringa oil has unique properties that helps improve skin tone and texture. This is a silky-textured body lotion that lusciously melts into the skin leaving it hydrated. It envelops skin in softness while deeply reinvigorating it. Moringa Oil also helps protect skin from free radicals and toxic pollutants.



They are available on their site and Nykaa as well.

Price - Rs 395 for 250 ml

What They Claim

How to use

Apply on wet body immediately after bath for day long affect. For extra dry skin, increase the quantity.


Lotion comes in a beautiful white matte finish plastic bottle with a pump.Bottle is in a square shape which is quite easy and convenient to hold.The best thing which i love is about pump dispenser. They have given a Open and Stop thing in top of the pump which you can see as well.

You can feel it when open and close with a ' tick ' sound. And thing which is highly impressive is that they have given a plastic cap between pump pusher and dispenser which make it travel friendly. No fear of mess and slip no matter how you put it.


It has a pleasant fragrance of Moringa Oil in it. It is not very hard or mild just perfect. Even people with sensitive nose would love it. Smells linger about 2 hours or so that makes you feel fresh.


The consistency of the lotion is not runny and not thick as well. Just perfect to glide it easily on your body.

My Experience

It comes in a really cute and helpful packaging. You can sense from there that they are really thinking on every aspect of this body lotion including packaging to make it good.

Now as you all know if you are following my post that i don't like hard smell but this has a amazing fragrance of Moringa Oil in it which is so pleasant and linger about 2 hours.

The consistency is perfect. Easily glides and hydrate skin well. It has a gel based texture which makes it lightweight and absorb quickly and doesn't feel sticky . I have really dry skin. I apply this in the morning and it stays till night that's quite impressive.

I used it just after shower. It hydrates, moisturise and give a nice shine to my body. After applying skin looks fresh as well. So all in I am loving this. If you have extra dry skin you will love it as well.


➡ Moisturising and Hydrating
➡ Pleasant fragrance 
➡ Absorb quickly and non sticky
➡ Gives a nice shine
➡ Natural product
➡ Enriched with Moringa Oil
➡ SLS and paraben free
➡ Travel friendly packaging


➡ Price is luxurious(for some people) but really worth it.

Final verdict - Looking for a good body lotion which is travel friendly with moisturising your body. Go for this one might a little bit pricey but it really worth it. Really hydrate and moisturising.


Hola, That's all for today. Hope you like this review. Do comment your thoughts and queries about it.

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  2. Beautiful review and yes perfect shots

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    xo, Patty

  7. Thanks for introducing me to this brand! It sounds really nice!

  8. Never heard of it but will definitely give it a try

  9. This is interesting! I like the packaging and I want to try. By the way awesome photos! :)

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  11. sounds like a really interesting body cream :-)

  12. Thanks for sharing! Looks like a lovely lotion.

  13. Lovely review of a great product with excellent packaging

  14. Lovely review of a great product with excellent packaging

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    Style & Life by Susana -

  17. Never heard of this brand before, but sounds like a great one!

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