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The Herb Boutique | Unboxing and First Impression

My beautiful friends

Hope you all are doing well 😊
If you following me on my Instagram you might have seen a box in my post which i received from " The Herb Boutique " Naturally Beautiful .  For those who don't know about this brand . The Herb Boutique is completely Natural , Organic and Vegan Indian brand .

The Herb Boutique - Vegan skincare review
The Herb Boutique - Vegan skincare 

About The Herb Boutique ( In Their Words) 

The Herb Boutique was born out of the desire to provide a range of product that people will be proud to be associated with. We value every penny you make and would not be happy to see you spend it on poor quality product in the disguise of quality. We only work with manufacturers who produce with nothing less than 100% organic products. We love animals and promise that all our products were made without harming animals. 

Facts about The Herb Boutique

πŸ‘‰Natural and Organic products
πŸ‘‰ Vegan Products ( Most of them )
πŸ‘‰ Only Organic Ingredients used in making products
πŸ‘‰ luxurious Packaging
πŸ‘‰ Variety in every category
πŸ‘‰ Amazing Fragrance

The Herb Boutique - Vegan skincare products review
The Herb Boutique - Vegan skincare 
I received a box of luxurious skincare goodies from " The Herb Boutique " . The packaging was really good . And all the products came in a solid card board box which is now become my storage box as well .

All the products were separately wrapped in bubble wrap . No spillage or mess if anything leak or else . There was a fake bird nest as a cushion to the products . It was all together was giving a luxurious feel to it .

So, let's get straight into what i received 😍 

       ( Lavender and Vitamin E )

The Herb Boutique - Vegan skincare
The Herb Boutique - Divine Lavander Body Oil 

Price -  Rs 1349

P.S - I have received a deluxe sample size . Price is according full size bottle .

Key Ingredients

cocos nucifera oil, lavender oil, lavender buds, Vitamin E

How To Use

How to use- pour some of the oil onto your palm, and apply on all parts of the body and massage properly. 

First Impressions

I am in love the packaging of the products . It comes in a glass jar packaging with wood blocker cap . It has a small card label attached with the help of ribbon . And this body oil is completely vegan .

I am in love with the fragrance of it . So soothing and calming to senses . Vitamin e and Lavender oil combination gives skin the much needed nourishment from inside on a dry summer skin .

2. Rose Detox Bath Soak
   ( Himalayan Pink Salt and Roses )

The Herb Boutique - Detox Rose Bath Soak (Vegan skincare product review )
The Herb Boutique - Detox Rose Bath Soak 

Price -  Rs 230

First Impressions

It comes in a beautiful round shaped glass bottle just like the bottles uses in magic movies to put magic portion 😜 It also has a wooden cork cap on it . It also has a card label attached with ribbon on it which has details such as ingredients , name , how to use and other details . This is organic and vegan Product .

Himalayan salt is very well known name in skincare regime . It works amazing in scrubs and bath soaks . It reliefs your skin nerves and calm them down . With rose in it adds a amazing fragrance which gives a amazing aroma while relaxing .

3. Honey Dew Oolong

The Herb Boutique - Honey Dew Oolong review ( vegan skincare product )
The Herb Boutique - Honey Dew Oolong 

Price -  Rs 600


Red Currants , Honey and Oolong Tea leaves

First Impressions

The packaging of this is same as Rose Detox bath soak one with a card label attached to it and details such as how to prepare , name , benefits and more written on it .

It has a amazing fragrance of honey and oolong in it and taste like that as well . It gives a fruity taste as well in the end of a sip which enhances the experience of it .

4. Zesty Sweet Orange
( Orange and Vitamin E )

The Herb Boutique - Zesty Sweet Orange review ( vegan skincare product )
The Herb Boutique - Zesty Sweet Orange 

Price - Rs 999

Key Ingredients

Orange zest and juice, Organic Raw Sugar, cocos Nucifera oil , Vitamin E Oil, Prunus Dulcis

First Impressions

It comes in a beautiful round glass jar with a metallic silver screw cap on it . Cap has a label on it which has the name of brand and product . There is also a label on the jar as well which has other details about product on it . This one is organic and vegan as well .

It has a beautiful citrus smell in it which is really refreshing in summers . This is my first time with a body polishing and i certainly impressed by it. If you are following me from some time you probably know how much i love sugar in my skincare regime . The reason behind it is that i have sensitive skin . Products which is natural and made from sugar works amazingly well if you have sensitive skin . Sugar is a natural healer if you use it in your skincare regime not in diet thoughπŸ˜›πŸ˜

5. The Sweet Treat
  ( Raw Honey Soap Bar )

The Herb Boutique - Raw Honey Soap Bar review ( vegan skincare product )
The Herb Boutique - Raw Honey Soap Bar 

Price - Rs 300

First Impressions

It comes in a light lemon yellowish colour . It has a fragrance of honey in it. Honey is a antibacterial and really well being for skin from so many times . But raw honey is something which is more beneficial and works on almost every skin problems . I would definitely recommend you to include raw honey in your skincare regime .

Soap is made from raw honey . It moisturise skin and make it soft and supple . It also helps in heeling the skin if you have any skin problems .

These were all the products i have received from them . But there is something more they have add to this luxurious box to enhance it  .

The Herb Boutique - Vegan skincare product review
The Herb Boutique - Vegan skincare product 

The box contains a small wooden spoon and a soft face towel which has the The Herb Boutique initial stitched on it .

You can explore their other products here . They have so many variety in every category of products . You can choose according to your preference.

That's all for today . Hope you like this post .

Do let me know if you have tried any of the products . Let me know which product full review you would like to see first .

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  1. So many good herbal products. Would love to try this ☺

    1. Yes..they are organic and luxury skincare 😍Thanks for stopping by

  2. Absolutely loved their packaging

  3. The packaging and the products both are amazing.

    1. Indeed they are... Thank you shree ji 😘

  4. The packaging is really classy.. Hope you will have a great time with the products:)

    1. Yes..i am loving them. Thanks for stopping by

  5. Like the packaging here 😍 like tiny test tubes πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ you got great stuff

  6. Great products you got :)

  7. You know, I've never thought about vegan products - and I love bath salts - will need to look into this.

  8. Wow so many goodies! Great review dear ��


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