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Da yogis Health and body care | About, Products and Review

My beautiful friends

Hope you all are doing well 😊
Today post is going to be a little big than usual one. 😛 Today i am going to introduce to a new luxury brand named " DaYogis Yogically Crafted Naturally " . Dayogis is a completely Natural brand. They have a great range of health and beauty products made from Natural Ingredients only. They have a great range of concentrated health juices, soaps, shower gels, body butters and more.

Dayogis products review - YOGICALLY CRAFTED NATURALLY

Let's quickly know something about brand and we will straight move ahead to our products and reviews of them.

About Dayogis ( In Their Words )

Every product is made with care and love in small batches from ingredients that have been thoroughly researched to ensure quality products that are safe for you, your family and the planet. Every ingredient used is either 100% natural, nature identical and/or fair trade.

Now let's get straight into what's i received from them.

Dayogis product reviews - YOGICALLY CRAFTED NATURALLY

I received four sample size products from them which are

👉Rio Orange Shower Gel
👉Green Lagoon Handmade Soap
👉Rio Orange Moisturising Body Butter
👉Tantalizing Hibra Concentrate



Dayogis Rio Orange Shower Gel Review
Dayogis Rio Orange Shower Gel 

It comes in a dark coloured plastic bottle with a flip top cap with a small nozzle . It has a brown card board paper label on it . It has all the important details such as ingredients , how to use and other details .

Colour , Consistency and Fragrance

It comes in orange colour gel . The consistency is just like normal shower gel . The fragrance of the gel is so divine . It smells just like oranges and fragrance wakes you awake and gives fresh feeling .

Price - Rs 349 for 200 ml

Key Ingredients

Aloevera , Coconut Oil , Orange Peel Extract


DaYogis Rio Orange is designed to treat and spa your skin with benefits of orange. It gently cleanses while maintaining the skin tone and retain its softness and suppleness intact. Get ready to feel how wonderful skin feels after discovering what our DaYogis Rio Orange Body Wash Shower Gel can do to your skin!


🔹 Calming and soothing
🔹 Work wonderfully on all skin types
🔹 Moisturises skin
🔹 Floral garden scent

How To Use

Take some shower gel on your hands or loofah and gently rub into your skin .


They are available on their site ( Direct Link )

Shelf life - It has a shelf life of two years from manufacturer date .


I am loving shower gels this day . With humidity approach high this is much needed in summers . I totally loved the fragrance of it . It's just give a nice cooling effect in summers after a long tiring day . It lathers so well . You barely need more than two or three pump for whole body . So, one bottle will go long .

It cleans all the dirt and sweat from body without drying it out . Coconut oil and aloevera keep it moisturise one hour past shower as well . My skin was feeling nourished and moisturisied. Although i would suggest you not to skip the moisturiser as best time to nourish your skin is just after shower .

It also contains orange peel extracts which works amazing if you have oily skin as well . Orange peel helps in controlling oil from your skin .

I would definitely recommend to give this a try . It works on all skin types . I really liked it and so does my dry body skin .

Green Lagoon Handmade Soap   


Dayogis Green Lagoon Handmade Soap review
Dayogis - Green Lagoon Handmade Soap 

I got a small sample of it . It comes in a transparent plastic sheet with a card board label card on it .

Colour , Texture and Fragrance

It comes in green colour which i think is from Aloevera . The texture is just like normal glycerin soap . It doesn't lather too much but enough to clean skin nicely . It has very mild perfume kinda smell . Doesn't bother even if you have sensitive nose .

Price - Rs 299 for 100 gms

Key Ingredients

Goat Milk , Aloevera and Nutmeg

Product Description

We call it the imperfect, perfection. A perfectly blended soap with Goat Milk base, infused with Nutmeg oil. Goat milk has an amazing ability to keep your skin youthful, delicate & glowing. DaYogis Goat milk base is designed to reduce skin inflammation because it contains a fat molecule that not only moisturises the skin, but possesses anti-inflammatory characteristics.

How To Use

Apply the soap directly on wet body skin and wash it off with normal water .


You can buy this natural handmade soap from their site . ( Direct Link )


I received a sample size of it which was barely fitting into my palms . As soon i open the plastic from it , it started to break down in pieces . I still give that a try . Because it was sample and broken i barely gave this twice a try . However this is what i feel about the soap after using it twice .

Soap doesn't lather much but enough to do his job of cleaning the skin . If you have body acne or some redness issue . This will do great for you . It has Nutmeg in it which is a great healer of acne . Overall it was good but can't tell that exactly if they heal them completely or not .

Rio Orange Moisturising Body Butter

I have received a sample size of this and i will share the packaging the other stuff according to that .


Dayogis Rio Orange Moisturising Body Butter
Dayogis - Rio Orange Moisturising Body Butter 

It comes in a small cute glass jar with a black screw cap on it . It has a brown card paper label on it which has the details such as name , ingredients and other details on it .

Colour , Consistency and Fragrance 

It comes in off white colour with orange undertone . The texture of the body butter is really creamy . It has a cream like consistency which is easy and convenient in using than hard ones . It has a fragrance like orange essential oils . Pure and blessed

Price - Rs 699 for 200 ml


Avocado , Aloevera , Almond , Orange , Mango butter , Olive oil and Shea and Cocoa butter

Product Description

A rich, luxurious cream enriched with shea butter, avocado oil. DaYogis body butters are made with natural ingredients.

👉 Acts as a 24 Hour Moisturiser
👉 Infused with Pure Natural Orange Essential Oil
👉 Long lasting skin hydration with Citruses orange scent

How To Use

Apply small amount and gently massage until absorbed into skin.


You can find this on their site .


The fragrance of the body butter is really summery and fresh . Consistency is really amazing , glides smoothly on to skin . The shea butter and avocado helps in nourishing the dry body skin . And orange peel extract controls oil if you have oily body skin . It works amazing on both skin type .
Made with all natural ingredients products helps in nourishing your body from inside .

Tantalizing Hibra Concentrate


Dayogis Tantalizing Hibra Concentrate review
Dayogis - Tantalizing Hibra Concentrate 

The packaging of the health concentrate is exactly like the Rio Orange Shower Gel one. It comes in a dark colour bottle with a flip top cap and a small nozzle for products to come . It has a brown paper label on it which has all the information such as name , benefits and other details .

Price - Rs 1499 for 500 ml


Hibiscus Flower , Goji Berry , Cashew nut

Product Description

DaYogis Hibora juice is a unique and amazing combination of goodness of Hibiscus flower & Orange. To get you best of both. Hibiscus flower potential health benefits have never been explored. Hibiscus flower have several unspoken health benefits, but it is bitter in taste. DaYogis have balanced it tartness with sweet, tangy oranges. Taste a unique juice full of goodness of Hibiscus flower & Orange.


👉Aids digestion
👉Speeds up metabolism
👉Rich in Vitamin A, B, B1, C & trace minerals
👉Protects against viral infections

How To Use

Mix Hibra Juice concentrate on a glass of water and consume it daily for effective results .


You can find this healthy concentrate on their site . ( Direct Link )


It tastes a little bitter not much . They have used some other natural ingredients to balance the bitterness of hibra health drink . It surely promises a lot if use regularly . I have used sample size so can't tell about how it will work and benefits in longer run .

Pros of Dayogis products 

👉Natural products
👉Biodegradable packaging
👉Works good on health and body
👉Affordable price ( some products given the fact they are a luxury brand )
👉Amazing Fragrance

Cons of Dayogis products 

 I didn't find much ( based on samples )

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That's all for today . Hope you like this review .

Do let me know if you tried any of the DaYogis products and your experience .

Till Next Time

Take care

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  1. This brand sounds nice. I'm attracted towards hibra concentrate :)

  2. I love their products always. I am eyeing at Rio Orange Shower gel.

  3. Another new brand. Hibra concentrate sounds interesting :)

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  5. The packaging and the products are quite attractive 😄 thanks for the review💕

  6. Sounds like an awesome brand! Great review.

    xo, Patty

  7. Wanna try the body butter! 😃

  8. The products are really very impressive

  9. I have tried their products and they are amazing! Great review

  10. The products from this brand seems promising :)


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