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My beautiful friends

Face cleansing is a important and first step in our skincare routine. It determines cleaniness in our skin.Choosing facewash according to your skin type is really important.

Today I am going to review a oil control facewash from Biotique. 


I have oily skin and I am always looking for products that's suits my skin.I was going through products online  and saw this Biotique oil control foaming facewash. Oil control is something that's attracts me for trying this. And this is made of natural products as well. So I have to try it.


Haldi Rhizome, Need bark, Lavang oil, Pineapple Pulp, Ritha Fruit, Purified Water


Rs 65 for 50 ml.

How to use it - 

Gently massage over wet face and neck with fingertips, lather, rinse and pat your skin dry.

What I think 

I am using it and I think this facewash is really good for oilyskin. It lathers well and clean your skin well.It's in colour yellow. It removes oil and dirt from skin pretty well.It doesn't leave any white layer behind that's really good. Your skin looks clear and oil free.But it is not good for dry skin.It will makes your skin dry.But for those who have oily skin it is really good product to have.It has travel friendly packaging.

PROS :--

➡Good for oily skin.
➡Clears oil and dirt from skin pretty well.
➡Travel friendly packaging.
➡Doesn't leave white layer
➡Affordable and easily available.
➡Natural products 
➡Not tested on animals
➡Dermatologist tested.


➡It says it has for normal to oily skin type but it will be very drying for other skin rather than oily.

Final Verdict - 

I would really suggest this to those who have oily skin. Not for other skin types.

Rating - 

4/5 for oily skin
2.5 /5 for normal skin

P.S - It says normal to oily skin.

Hope you like this blog.Do comment if you found this helpful and have any queries. 

Until next time 
Take care,  Love you all

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