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Omved Hibiscus Brahmi hair mask review

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We all love our hair no matter how it is long or short. But one thing we didn't like is thin, damaged or dandruff prone hair. We all want our hair to be thick and healthy. That's why choosing right product and according to your hair types is so important. And hair mask plays a vital role in it. It heals your hair from deep inside and make them healthy.

Today i am going to share a review about a hair mask from a natural brand named " Omved ". I have reviewed their Himalayan Rose Soap as well. If you haven't checked it find it here 

About Omved

OM (the absolute) and VED (knowledge), to live in complete wisdom and awareness is the founding principle of Omved. Omved is a world of beautiful products, well researched, designed and hand-crafted for your well-being and lasting satisfaction. Our endeavour is to offer and impart healing qualities through our 100% natural well-being products to bring you back in balance.

Product Description

Omved Hibiscus Brahmi Hair Mask is a nourishing powerhouse to deep condition the scalp, soothe itching and clear dandruff for healthier, softer and lustrous hair.


It comes in a silver plastic packaging with all necessary details written on it. The best thing about packaging it is environment friendly.


Price - Rs 220 for 50 gm

Shell life - Two years from manufacturer date.

Availability - You can find them on their site here 

How to use

Mix with water or yoghurt into a paste. Massage into scalp and apply thoroughly. Leave in for 15 minutes. Wrap a hot towel for better conditioning. Rinse thoroughly. Follow with Omved natural shampoo and conditioner. Use twice a week for better results.

Colour and Fragrance

It comes in a light brown colour. It looks like a mix of herb in it.  It has a fragrance of camphor ( kapoor)  in it which i really liked. A fragrance which gives such a soothen and relax feeling.


It comes in a powder form which is not extremely fine. When mix it with water or yoghurt it came in to a granny paste like consistency.

My Experience

I used it from two different ways to see the effectiveness of it from different ways. One with water and other one with yoghurt. So let's see how it pans out

With water

I take about 2 tbsp of hair mask powder, 1 tsp aloevera gel and mix it with water. Mix all the ingredients and apply it into scalp. I mix aloevera gel to give scalp a coolness and it also helps in smoth the frizzy hair.

With yoghurt

2 tbsp of hair mask powder and 1 tbsp yoghurt. Mix it and use desire amount of water to make it like a paste consistency. Yoghurt smoothen your hair and it is equally effective for dandruff as well.

After making a paste i apply it with my fingers on to scalp. I didn't use it on my hair lenght cause it says only for scalp. I am not a fan of brush to apply mask on hair. I prefer to do it with fingers. I part my hair into section and apply paste.

When applying, it start to break and spill like wet sand everywhere. Everytime i take paste to apply it spill and doesn't apply all of it. Brand should do something about it. Applying was not so smooth.


After applying the paste throughly on my scalp. I leaved it on for 15 - 20 minutes on my scalp. Rinse my hair with normal water. It wasn't smooth as well. I rinse my with water until the water run clear and followed with shampoo and conditioner.

After using it once i see less hair on my bathroom floor than before which always was huge. Which is clearly evident that it helps in reducing hair fall from one go. I was having so heavy hair fall before using this. I won't say it stop all your hair fall in one go but it surely started to work from very first attempt.


I never had dandruff although i have dry scalp but after hair fall started i got dandruff and winter weather also makes scalp flaky.

If you want to use it for reducing dandruff i would suggest to mix it with yoghurt.

I use it with yoghurt and it works much better on dandruff than water. It start to reduces dandruff from scalp from very first use. It doesn't remove all in one go but surely started to show the effectiveness. I am having heavy dandruff so i didn't expect it as well to remove all in first use.


➡ Reduces hair fall
➡ Cleanse scalp well
➡ Reduces dandruff
➡ Soften my dry and frizzy hair
➡ PETA Certified
➡ Ayurvedic and natural product
➡ No parabens,sulfates, silicones, petrochemicals, glycols, phthalates, synthetic colours or perfumes
➡ Cruelty free and vegan
➡ Environment friendly packaging


➡ Doesn't work well on heavy dandruff in one go ( It reduces it day by day)
➡ Application and Removal not so smooth
➡ They could have provided a box or zipped pack packaging.

You can follow Omved here 

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Instagram   Omved blog  

Final Verdict - Needed a hair mask to reduce hair fall. I would definitely suggest you to give it a try.This definitely reduce hairfall from first use. 


Hola, That's all for today. Hope you like this post and found it helpful.

Do comment your thoughts and queries about it.

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  1. I used this hair mask. And it reduced dandruff! :) Now other members of my family are also using it. And yes, it gets very messy!

    1. reduces dandruff. Thanks for stopping by

  2. Nice review :)
    Even I am loving their Hairmask

  3. This seems like a great product for someone like me. I have such thin hair. Although I could not put yogurt in my hair. The water might work!

    1. Thank you Cassidy :-) Yes..Water will work.

  4. This hair mask sounds amazing!

    xo, Patty

  5. I've never used a hair mask, but this sounds like something I would use.
    Abbie E.

  6. This was such a good review. Thank you for sharing!!

  7. When it's hibiscus, it must be good to use on scalp. Wish to try cz I love natural ingredients for my hair and skin. Btw like your honest and detailed review. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Yes..hibiscus works wonder for hair. Thanks for sharing :-)

  8. Loved the product as well as it's review!
    Will defiantly buy this one. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you for stopping by. Do share your experience after trying.

  9. I've never heard of that mask before! I love the fact there are natural ingredients only. And it's great you have noticed positive results just after first use.

    1. It's always good to receive positive start as sometimes it can be a little worried.

  10. This is a product I've not encountered before, but I might look for it to see if it works for me. Thanks for providing such a comprehensive review! Cheers!

    Alicia Nicole xo

    1. Thank you Alicia. I am glad you liked it.

  11. Great information and product reviews.

  12. I've trued a mud mask for hair before although not this brand. Love hibiscus so I will check it out!

    1. Mud ash for hair. Sounds interesting. Will definitely try to check it out. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. Great post. Im tired of looking for good masks for my hair. Maybe I try this one if you recommend it. Thanks for sharing

    1. Yes..i would totally recommend it. It does break a little while application as i had written on post but really good for hair. Do let me know your experience after you give this a try.

  14. Nice review :) Thanks for sharing. Very helpful

  15. This looks lovely and so luxurious!

  16. This blog is really very helpful, thanks for sharing this information
    Hair Specialist In Bangalore


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